2022 Wedding Dress Trends on the Rise

2022 Wedding Dress Trends on the Rise


2022 Wedding Dress Trends on the Rise


The past 2 years have been such an adventure due to the pandemic. It has made it very challenging for Designers to showcase their collections, thus leaving it hard for those getting married to see, try on and even purchase a wedding dress to be shipped in time for their wedding day.

I am making my predictions based on what ” New York Bridal Fashion Week ” showcased in late October 2021 for the world to see. I have to say, I am truly excited about these new designs being more clean, soft and elegant.

If you’re planning to get married in 2022, you will need to start shopping and buying your wedding dress now, if you haven’t already as their will be delays in shipping, material shortages and well, who knows what else we can experience this year!

Check out what’s trending in the wedding fashion world to gain inspiration. I hope you love my picks for the upcoming wedding season.


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Top Wedding Trends for 2022

Top Wedding Trends for 2022

On the Trend for 2022

While 2021 was about smaller intimate weddings due to COVID, the biggest wedding trends for 2022 will be a reflection of couples’ values.

Couples are planning weddings with thoughtfulness and sentiment, emphasizing their favorite things like food, music, ambiance and carefully choosing their guests. COVID has and is still showing us that life as we know it, is not guaranteed. We are all craving to create memories, now more than ever. Couples want their weddings to be more inviting and heartfelt celebrating with the humans they love.

Multi-Generational Day Experiences

Due to events being downsized throughout COVID, some couples are now hosting multiple celebrations the week of their wedding for multi-generational guests. Whether it’s a small backyard gathering or a Sunday family brunch, there seems to be a event for the grandparents,  the nieces and nephews as well as for the cousins. Couples are being really intentional about accommodating their guests for health and safety reasons.

Modern Wedding Party

In recent years, there’s been a shift in normalizing the use of “wedding party” over, “bridal party.” Terms like “Groomsmaid”, “Bridesmen”, “Bestwomen” and “Man of Honor”, have equally become common changes in wedding planning. A more thoughtful, modern etiquette is replacing old traditions. It’s all about choosing the humans you value most to be part of your wedding party.

wedding trends for 2022 weddingsbyfrancesca

Welcome to the Laid Back Country Weddings

We can thank the “Pinterest” for creating an industry-wide laid back wedding movement around cozy garden and cottage style celebrations. Beautiful floral decorations and hanging installations against Rattan + Wicker elements, Macramé tassel chandeliers, cross back chairs and comfortable seating in neutral wood tones, create an earthy comfortable vibe. Rental companies are following modern interior design trends that can be effortlessly transitioned into the wedding industry. Mor and more we are seeing couches and cocktail lounges which transition well indoors + outdoors nestled into a comfortable settings.

Weekday Weddings

With a surge in demand to get married in 2022, many couples have accepted that Thursday + Friday weddings are just as posh. In fact, it gives couples an opportunity to enjoy the rest of their weekend with their guests hosting brunches on Saturday and Sunday. Weekday weddings and elopements are definitely the biggest shift we will see this year and in the future. Let’s face it, your bank account will thank you for this new trend coming for 2022 and onwards.

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